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Who We Are

We are a drone community that loves technology and aerial photography. We aim to capture amazing views and share the joy of flying with others. We have resources and knowledge to push drone limits. Our focus is on open source, repairability, and avoiding planned obsolescence. We make technology accessible and repairable for all, using open-source hardware and software. Our design goal is to make durable and long-lasting products, using high-quality materials and easy repair design. This helps reduce waste and benefits the environment and customers.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission: Our mission is to consistently design and manufacture top-quality hardware solutions for the drone industry, leveraging our "Make-In-India" approach to meet the growing demands of local and global markets, and establish ourselves as a leader in the field.

Our Vision: To be a world-renowned provider of innovative drone technology with hardware and software solutions, paving the way for the future of the industry.

Core Values


We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and strive to bring new and innovative solutions to the table.


We prioritize transparency with our customers through open communication and honesty on community platform. Our goal is to build trust and provide satisfaction through clear information and a transparent approach.


We believe that everyone should have access to technology and the benefits it brings, regardless of their background or resources. This is why we focus on creating products that are user-friendly and accessible to all.

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