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Fostering a Community-Driven Approach to Drone Technology

What We Offer

We are on a mission to design and develop drone components and consumer drones for consumer market with a "Make-In-India" approach. 

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  • Are the components open source and can I get the schematics?
    The reference schematics are available depending on the type of component. Our schematics will be available based upon request by organization or individuals and will be granted on case to case basis. We are widely driven by community of Open Source. We are developing and giving back to the open source community in every possible way.
  • Are the drone components truly manufactured in India?
    Yes. The components like flight controller consisting of PCBs are manufactured and assembled here in India. On the other hand, the PCB components like SMDs and chips are not. We import them based on availability. The plastics for chassis, etc. are manufactured here as well. We are a huge proponent to manufacturing in India but chip manufacturing is above our level to consider as startup.
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