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Agam Pixhawk 6X-RT Full Set

Agam Pixhawk 6X-RT Full Set

SKU: 00004

Made in India Flight controller based on the FMUV6x and Pixhawk Autopilot Bus open source standards.


Agam Pixhawk 6X Full Set includes:

Expected to ship beginning of 2024
  • Description

    The Pixhawk 6X-RT is based on the Pixhawk® FMUv6X Open Standard and the Pixhawk® Autopilot Bus Standard. The Pixhawk 6X-RT flight controller uses NXP i.MXRT MCU series with sensors from Bosch® and InvenSense®, giving you the stability that is required UAVs and reliability for the applications.

    Agam Pixhawk 6X Full Set includes:

  • Tech Specs

    Supported Firmware

    •  PX4 Autopilot – Ships By Default


    • NXP i.MX RT1170 series
    • 6468 CoreMark with Cortex-M7 @ 1 GHz + Arm Cortex-M4 @ 400 MHz
    • 2 MB SRAM with 512 KB of TCM for Cortex-M7 and 256 KB of TCM for Cortex-M4
    • Advanced security, including secure boot and crypto engines, and is part of the EdgeLock® Assurance program
    • 2 x Gb ENET with AVB and TSN
    • 2D GPU
    • Serial Communication - UART, I²C, SPI


    • IMU(Acc/Gyro): ICM-42686-P(Onboard)
    • Baro: BMP388(Onboard & Offboard)
    • IMU(Acc/Gyro): BMI088
    • Mag: BMI150
    • IMU(Acc/Gyro): ICM-42688-P

    FRAM - 256KB


    4x I2C

    3x CAN-FD

    6x SPI

    8x UART

    12-Channel PWM



    IMU Connector - ShockMounted Sensor Board with 1Watt Heater

    MICRO SD card slot

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